Defending Against Reckless Driving And Racing Charges

In Washington, the consequences of a Reckless Driving or Racing charge can be severe. If convicted, you may face fines and even jail time. It is important to get legal help from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you protect your rights, your record and your freedom. Scott Leist is the lawyer you should call.

Scott Leist is a former Seattle police officer and prosecutor, as well as an experienced defense lawyer. He uses his extensive experience and knowledge of the traffic court system to achieve the best possible results for people facing legal trouble.

What You Should Know About Washington Reckless Driving Tickets

In Washington, Reckless Driving and Racing are both gross misdemeanors, which means they are much more serious than a regular traffic ticket. Being found guilty of reckless driving or racing could result in up to a year in jail and as much as a $5,000 fine. In addition, Reckless Driving carries a mandatory 30 day driver's license suspension after sentencing.

The consequences for a Reckless Driving conviction don't end with jail, fines or a license suspension. Once you are eligible to get your license reinstated, you will have to get SR-22 insurance. Similar to high risk insurance, this enhanced insurance coverage is very costly and you will have to maintain it for at least three years.

You could also be required to attend defensive driving school, at additional cost. Finally, because Reckless Driving and Racing are criminal offenses, they could trigger deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Why You Should Not Just Plead Guilty

Even if you were driving aggressively or feel like you were caught "red handed," you should not just plead guilty to Reckless Driving or Racing charges. In these cases, the prosecutor is often willing to reduce charges because they can be difficult to prove. At a Reckless Driving trial, for example, the prosecutor would have to show that you drove in a way that demonstrated "willful or wanton disregard" for persons or property.

If you are charged with Reckless Driving or Racing, consult with a Washington Reckless Driving or Racing lawyer who can answer your questions, discuss potential options and aggressively defend your rights and secure the best possible outcome. Scott is just such a lawyer with additional experience in investigating Reckless Driving and Racing cases as a police officer, as well as prosecuting them.

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