Testimonials for Washington Speeding and Traffic Ticket Lawyer Scott Leist

Excellent Attorney - Don

I was unfortunate to get a ticket, but I was fortunate to discover Scott. He was kind, understanding & represented me far beyond my capability. His experience as a former police officer, prosecutor, & now defense attorney was a real asset. He was able to negotiate a reduced fine & charges from the original ticket I was issued. I highly recommend him if you get a traffic ticket!

The most professional, knowledgeable man for the job. This guy is for real - David

I have worked with several different lawyers in the past. I only wish I had hired Scott for all my cases. Scott has expertise and experience in every aspect of the law process, from arrests to prosecution to now defending the public. His knowledge of the law, investigations and attention to detail is incomparable. Scott was very eager to do as much as possible to get the charges completely dropped. Scott's integrity and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is unparalleled. I cannot pay this man back for the expertise, hope and encouragement he provided during my trials. I can only refer him in hopes of beginning the process.

Great Assistance

Scott went out of his way to help me in 2007 with a traffic ticket issue. I never thought of seeking the assistance of an attorney for a traffic ticket, but I am so glad I did. Scott walked me through the process and I was able to keep the infraction off my record, helping me keep my insurance rates low. Fantastic.

Lawyer Endorsements

From Jaime Taft

Endorsement: I was privileged to work with Scott at the King County Prosecutor's Office. He is a passionate advocate and dedicated to getting a just result. Scott works hard to resolve his clients cases and is a fearless trial attorney. I endorse this attorney's work.

From Daniel Kalish

Endorsement: I've known Scott for several years. Put simply, he is a fantastic attorney. Scott is extremely intelligent, hard-working, and motivated. And his knowledge of criminal law, including traffic infractions, is second to none in the State of Washington. I would strongly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a criminal attorney.

From Scott Terry

Endorsement: I have defended several cases over the years where Scott was the prosecutor on the other side. He quickly earned my respect. When I had him on a case, I knew from experience I would be dealing with a person who was intelligent, competent and fair. I have no doubts that anyone who is represented by Scott will be in very good hands.

From Aaron Wolff

Endorsement: I have known Scott for several years and firmly believe he is an excellent attorney and zealous advocate for his clients. I strongly endorse Scott Leist.

From Amy Muth

Endorsement: I represented several clients whom Scott prosecuted for serious sexual misconduct. Scott was always extremely pleasant and professional to work with. I opposed him in a hotly-contested sexual misconduct trial, and he was thorough, well-prepared, and communicated well with the jury--and unfailingly courteous to me throughout the process.

From William Sherman

Endorsement: Scott Leist is a superb advocate and a master of his field. He combines civil, criminal, and law enforcement experience with an unshakeable commitment to his client and community.

From Laura Zeman

Endorsement: I worked with Scott Leist for 3 years at a large law firm in Seattle, Stoel Rives. He is a very capable attorney and works diligently on his cases. I highly recommend him as a very qualified and talented lawyer. You cannot go wrong with being represented by an attorney like Scott Leist.

From Timothy Leary

Endorsement: I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer's work. I worked with Scott at the King County Prosecutor's Office together. He is exceptionally smart and works very hard on his cases. He is well respected by judges and fellow attorneys. You should consider yourself very lucky if you have Scott representing you.

Of Ticketed Drivers Do Not Contest Their Tickets.