Young Drivers and Intermediate Driver’s Licenses—RCW 46.20.075

A ticket for Violation of Intermediate Driver's License Restrictions Has Serious Consequences and Requires Strong Representation

For up to two years after licensing, new drivers in Washington State have a restricted or "intermediate" license. During the intermediate license period, new drivers cannot drive during certain hours and are not allowed to have non-family members in the car. Most important, intermediate drivers can lose their license if they get tickets during the intermediate license period.

Unfortunately, many new drivers and parents don't understand these restrictions. A new driver can be so convenient to use for carpools, sports practices and school trips that families can end up violating intermediate licensing rules. Even worse, when a new driver gets a traffic infraction (even one as innocent as a cell phone ticket or an intermediate license violation), the parent just often pays the ticket and doesn't realize the consequences – a license suspension for the new driver – until the ticket has been adjudicated and the suspension is already happening. Dozens of times each year, Scott gets calls from parents who just paid their child's ticket not realizing that by doing so, they guaranteed a license suspension for the young driver.

Don't Just Pay Tickets for Young Drivers, Fight Them

Adults who don't fight their traffic tickets have financial consequences through fines and increased insurance, but they don't usually lose their driving privileges. Intermediate drivers who don't fight their tickets, or who have parents that just pay them, have bigger consequences – they often lose their license for months or, in some cases, until they are 18. That can have an enormous impact on a family that needs the new driver to drive siblings to school and events or work.

Attorney Scott Leist of Washington Traffic Defense in Seattle has the experience and creative solutions you need to protect the driving privileges for you and your younger drivers. Scott Leist is a former Seattle police officer and long-time prosecutor who knows what to do in your case.

He knows the local traffic courts and what options are available to resolve your traffic matter. He is a skilled traffic ticket lawyer who is known for providing logical and effective solutions for his clients.

It is difficult for a younger driver to get a license. Driver education classes are costly and time-consuming. Practice drives take time. Insurance for a young driver is expensive. Unfortunately, all of that hard work and investment can be wasted if a young driver or his/her parents just pay a ticket without fighting it. Let Scott and his staff help you with any traffic infractions for your newer driver, especially any Intermediate Driver's License infractions.

"Should I ignore a traffic ticket?" The answer is no. Even if you live outside of Washington State, a traffic ticket can affect your life. Unpaid tickets can be reported to a national database and can affect the driver's licenses of out-of-state drivers. It's best to hire a local lawyer to handle the matter for you.

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