Failure To Yield and Emergency Zones—RCW 46.61.210 and RCW 46.61.212

RCW 46.61.210 requires Washington drivers to yield to any approaching emergency vehicle and move "immediately" to the right. But what if the emergency vehicle doesn't have its siren on, or you don't see or hear it for a few moments? Or, even worse, what if you can't get over fast enough? Many of our clients find themselves in this situation and end up risking a massive fine and increased insurance rates.

Under RCW 46.61.212, drivers approaching any stopped police officer, fire truck or ambulance along the road are required to treat the area as an "emergency zone" and move away from the zone. This is a fairly new law in Washington. Many people don't know about it until they get a massive ticket for over $1,000. On busy Washington roads, drivers can be put in complicated situations. They may not know about their obligations or they may not be able to move away from the zone fast enough. Sometimes busy traffic conditions, bad weather or a situation inside the vehicle can keep a driver from getting over in time.

Even worse, some drivers end up being charged the crime of Reckless Driving (RCW 56.61.500) if the officer or trooper decides that the conduct was especially hazardous. If that happens, the driver is risking potential jail time and an automatic license suspension, not to mention a criminal record.

Every day in court, we see drivers try to explain away these tickets to judges. They almost always lose. Not because they are bad drivers or bad people but because they don't understand unfamiliar court procedures and the best way to procedurally challenge these tickets.

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