HOV Carpool Lane Violations—RCW 46.61.165

Help For People Accused Of HOV Carpool Lane Violations

Every year, Washington State creates more HOV lanes, and they are confusing. Some require two people in your car. Some require three. Some lanes are available to non-HOV drivers at certain times. Some are available to non-carpools if you have a pass or pay an additional fee.

Sometimes it is just tempting to use the HOV lane for a short period or if traffic is backed up. Unfortunately, using a carpool lane is a moving violation in Washington, which means insurance companies treat it just like a speeding ticket when they decide your insurance rates.

If you are caught driving in the HOV carpool lane as a solo driver — no matter how briefly — you may face steep fines and increased insurance costs. The best thing to do is get legal help.

At our Seattle law firm, attorney Scott Leist can help. Scott Leist is a former Seattle police officer and prosecutor, as well as an experienced criminal defense attorney. He knows how to represent you in local traffic courts throughout Washington and has an unparalleled record of success. His knowledge of the local traffic courts, prosecutors, judges and traffic laws helps him find creative solutions for clients.

When you hire us to help resolve a HOV carpool lane violation:

  • You won't have to travel to our law office.
  • You won't have to appear in court. (We will appear for you.)
  • You will know exactly how much representation costs before you hire us.
  • You'll have an experienced attorney, former cop and prosecutor on your side.
  • You can always call us with any questions.
  • We will keep you updated on your case.

HOV Carpool Lane Violations Are Moving Violations

An HOV ticket may not seem serious. The fine is usually fairly small and you may just be tempted to pay the infraction. Don't. HOV tickets are moving violations and your insurance company could raise your rates as a result. We will help you every step of the way, fighting aggressively to minimize the impact of the violation on your driving privileges and bank account.

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Of Ticketed Drivers Do Not Contest Their Tickets.